Sat 14/12/13: the best thing about the future…..

Sup y’all.

Some nigghtime advice because you can never be given too much advice as then you stop learning, become dumb, lose your job, end up homeless and on the streets. yes, this is the extreme case but I’m just putting it out there for you wise creatures!

so I have heard the best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time but I totally disagree because the best thing about the future is you don’t have to re live the past – as quoted by j.micallef

Okay yes any travel I want to go back and re-live so travel stories or notions does not apply to this but for some things I think this advice is totally fabulous. All those shitty hours working crappy jobs, horrid school days, school photos blah blah blah that you never have to go back go and can erase from memory!

But I think The past should stay in the past ya know and sometimes looking to the future is best but then we get old so is it?

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