Mon 9/12/13: a simple ode to you stressers!

Happy Monday free spirits of the world!

My logic on today’s advice is new week = new outlook on life. In an attempt to master my stress and anxiety levels which are always astronomically high, my friend gave me the advice that I now wish to share with you fellow stresser, panic people, anxiety suffers because sharing is caring and this has helped me calm the hell down:

people don’t really care what you do or say because most are too busy worrying about what people are thinking about them

Trippy huh? Its something I’ve ever really thought much about. We get so stressed out about what people think of us yet they are most likely thinking the same thing and really don’t care about what you do- it’s a vicious cycle we all get caught up in!

So this week, try to eliminate stress. Try to think others are most likely thinking the same thing and don’t care about your actions so you should not worry at all! I know, yes this is way way easier said than done but it’s a start!!

And I’ll leave you with this… stress and thus get anxiety because your worried about something and you think the worst possible situation ever. YET the doomsday scenario in your head never really pans out now does it?


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