Fri 13/12/13: the most matter of fact relationship advice

Friday is here fab fans! It’s nearly the weekend and freedom and time to relax by the beach with a few mates, beers and wines, watch the sunset, light a bonfire you know what I mean!

I know, I seem to give a lot of advice about relationships, I really don’t mean to it just tends to be a topic I hear a lot of advice and facts about which I feel people can learn from and laugh at!

Today Friday, is no different, my advice stems from my 17 year old wise and wonderful sister who told me:

for a relationship to work the guy must like the girl 10% more

is this really true? Do you the masses agree? Is male infatuation the key to a successful relationship………. Well according to my sister it is because she says she is always right, she never has to explain herself and get in a relationship to test out for yourself!

Up up and away y’all!

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